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Wooden houses have a history of thousands of years in Anatolia.

Wooden is the solution of the energy and environment problems of the future.


Wooden House

Minimum humidity...


10 years guarantee of facade protector (base coat).

15 years guarantee of interior wall protector (optional).

100 years of guarantee against infestations and molding.

100 years of guarantee against weather conditions.


Wooden houses are earthquake-resistant....

Wooden is a construction material which proved its physical characteristics throughout history.



Guarantees to live in a peaceful home.


Happiness starts at home,

Passes down from generation to generation…


Experience of the years.

You can have a trouble-free Log Cabin with the correct planning and modern technology.



We joined the Russian experience and German technology.





Let us draw the design of your house with our professional architects.


Wooden houses from generation to generation…

Log House
Wooden House


Kaçkarsan Wooden Houses and Log Cabins

It is now very easy to have these houses that you will live with your family. We know from our years of experience that we will take you away from the noise of urbanization and concretes as soon as you enter through the door of your house, with the simplicity provided by the ready house technique and mass production.

We are building your dream palace with our modern machines and traditional handicraft by offering you the highest quality at the most economical prices from the design of your house to the final assembly with our architects and experts.

When living we are not that much aware of that, but there are trees almost everywhere in our lives. In daily life, the areas where the trees are used are often more than we have noticed. If we concentrate our senses a bit on this issue, we can see how wide coverage the trees have since the beginning of our lives.

Wooden houses are long-lived compared to reinforced concrete houses and their prices are not comparable with concrete houses. KAÇKARSAN YAPI-WOODPALACE wooden houses are absolutely free of protective chemicals, our protective material consists of natural pigments. Our wooden houses can bear up to 150 years providing that the base coat on the facade renewed every tenth year (every fifteenth year for interior wall).

The logs are connected to one another with fitting system as no metal, column or truss is used in log houses. In Japan, where earthquakes are the most common in the world, certificates of living in log houses are given. The weight bearing ratio of the wood is much higher than that of reinforced concrete and steel.