About us

Bring the yellow pines of Siberia to the palace of your dreams. WOODPALACE company is proud to represent its Russia-based experience to our country, our people with German technology.

In our houses, where economic conditions are appropriate and creative innovations are available, all you need to do is placing your furnitures. Starting from the project designing, KAÇKARSAN YAPI-WOODPALACE offers you and your family a palace at all stages including after the turn key process.

Wooden house options suitable for every region of Turkey meeting your optional and personal preferences and it gives you the opportunity to have them with the same quality and the same price erywhere in Turkey. During the planning stage, our company's architects and all staff use every means available to create interior and exterior spaces that suits your personal needs and to carry your dream home to reality.

In order to benefit from KAÇKARSAN YAPI-WOODPALACE guarantee and high technology in your home, contact with our company immediately.